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Unparalleled CPA advice

Smart CPAs: Tax experts who use FlyFin AI analysis to provide unparalleled tax advice

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What FlyFin Offers

FlyFin is the worlds #1 A.I. powered tax filing service

Filling a 100% accurate federal and state return
A.I. automatically finds every deduction
CPAs provide unlimited free tax advice
Maximum tax saving guaranteed


Why Do Freelancers Need Smart CPAs?

πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«1 CPA for every 300 people in Florida high rates
😨 30 million people miss tax deductions without expert help
πŸ˜“19 million Americans missed the tax filing deadline last year
😣Almost 50% of Americans end up overpaying

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Online CPA in Florida

Traditionally, a visit with a CPA required gathering your documents, receipts, statements, spreadsheets and lists, and schlepping them all to an in-person meeting at your CPA's office. Hours later, after you've gone through all of your information with her, she would prepare your tax documents for filing, charge you a hefty fee, then file your taxes. If you were lucky, her services would help you get a tax refund from the IRS that would be greater than the amount you paid for her services. But it doesn't have to be that way. As with so many services in this age of digital tools and online resources, it should come as no surprise that consulting with an expert tax CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, in states like Florida is now possible without ever leaving your home. FlyFin's Ask a CPA tool gives you unlimited access, at no cost, to a team of licensed tax professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience. Just enter your name and email address, and ask a CPA any question, from how to fill out a tax form, to how to find the hundreds of deductions available to you. FlyFin CPAs have deep knowledge of the tax system in Florida, including expertise in taxes for self-employed taxpayers such as nurses, delivery drivers and many more, as well as taxes for business structures such as LLCs, S-Corps, sole proprietorships and partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online tax filing in Florida?

What is a CPA in Florida?

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What do FlyFin CPAs do?

What’s FlyFin?

FlyFin caters to the tax needs of freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors and sole proprietors. Using a powerful A.I., FlyFin tracks all your business expenses automatically. But anyone can file taxes through FlyFin! Our CPA team files a guaranteed 100% accurate tax return for you – to save you a couple thousand dollars and a ton of time on your taxes. You can download the FlyFin app and have your taxes filed in less than 15 minutes, saving you time and money.

Expert tax CPAs ensure 100% accurate tax filing


A.I. finds every tax deduction eliminating 98% of your work


On average users save $3,700

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