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Unparalleled tax advice, powerful A.I.

Smart CPAs are at the forefront of the tax industry with 100+ years of combined experience and backed by FlyFin's powerful A.I. tax engine.

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FlyFin services are comprehensive and innovative

Smart CPAs + A.I.= the industry's #1 tax filing service

Smart CPAs and A.I. find every possible tax deduction.
Smart CPAs advice is unlimited and no-cost.
Smart CPA tax filing is guaranteed 100%.
Smart CPAs maximize tax savings.


Why Self-employed taxpayers need Smart CPAs

😵‍💫Smart CPAs are accessible and affordable, but there's only 1 South Dakota CPA for every 300 residents.
😨 Smart CPAs can help the 30 million Americans who miss tax deductions each year.
😓19 million taxpayers filed late last year. Smart CPAs can help taxpayers be prepared.
😣Smart CPAs can put an end to the overpaying on taxes that half of Americans do every year.

Save more on taxes with Smart CPAs

Why are online CPAs a better option in South Dakota ?

Anyone who has used the services of South Dakota CPA firms is probably familiar with the expensive and time-consuming process of searching through your records for anything pertaining to taxes, like receipts, spreadsheets, band statements, etc., and bringing it all to the office of a CPA offering tax services in South Dakota. Then you go through everything with the CPA for several hours or more until the CPA has prepared your tax return. After that, you would need to sign the papers authorizing the South Dakota CPA to file your taxes in your state and pay the CPA a significant sum of money for their services. If you're lucky, you would receive an IRS tax refund some weeks later that would be at least as much as your fee for the CPA services. This is no longer the only option for taxpayers to have access to the services of a tax expert that can help them navigate the complicated process of filing taxes and hopefully save them money, too. Digital technology and the internet have revolutionized every aspect of our lives, including how we file taxes, and you can now find online CPA firms in South Dakota that are more efficient and cost-effective than any brick-and-mortar South Dakota CPA firms. It may not be a surprise that South Dakota CPA services online are available and may be a better option, considering the fact that we can have a video call with a friend 2,000 miles away or order just about anything in the world to be delivered to our homes. One thing not everyone knows, however, is that keeping manual records of your deductible business expenses and keeping all your receipts is no longer necessary to file your taxes. There's an app for that, and online CPA services in South Dakota are part of it. And this app uses A.I. to automatically track and keep a record of all your expenses, so it can identify each and every tax write-off. When it's time to file your taxes, records of every transaction and every tax deduction are already stored in the app. And, FlyFin's team of expert tax CPA consultants is there for you anytime you need them in the app. They're available for unlimited questions about your deductions, tax filing or any tax question with over 100 years of combined experience in freelancer taxes. Their deep knowledge of the South Dakota tax system extends to business incorporation structures such as LLCs, S Corps, C Corps, sole proprietorships and partnerships.

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How do FlyFin Smart CPAs work online?

FlyFin CPAs save freelancers more on taxes

Self-employed individuals are responsible for every aspect of their taxes, unlike W-2 employees, from knowing how much to pay to keeping all the records they need to comply with IRS regulations and save as much money as possible on taxes. FlyFin was built to be the only tax resource self-employed taxpayers need, with A.I. that automatically organizes all your business expenses and identifies every possible write-off and Smart CPAs that provide unlimited tax consultations at no cost to save taxpayers time and money, with self-employed individuals saving an average of $3,500.

Expert tax CPAs ensure 100% accurate tax filing


A.I. finds every tax deduction eliminating 98% of your work


On average users save $3,700

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