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How to Claim Every Business Deduction as a Freelancer and Make the Most of Them at Tax Time


How to Claim Every Business Deduction as a Freelancer and Make the Most of Them at Tax Time

Starting your own business, or rather, running your business successfully, is notoriously difficult. When you're an employee, you can essentially show up and start doing what you're good at or what you've been trained in. But if you have your own business, you need to worry about every aspect of running it, from keeping track of every expense to drumming up clients, not to mention the myriad tax concerns that people working for someone else's company have probably never heard of (try asking a W-2 employee what SECA taxes are). Thankfully for self-employed people, there is an abundance deductible business expenses, also known as small business tax deductions, that can drastically lower self-employed income tax. And with the right tools to navigate the IRS' complicated tax code, they can save more on taxes than they ever have in the past. Need to know what expenses are tax deductible, for example? We've got the ultimate list. Would a checklist help with tax filing? Look no further for one that's super simple. There's even a section of tips on understanding worker's comp., finding your adjusted gross income and filing taxes if you're using one of the digital platforms that have exploded in recent years like Airbnb and Twitch.

The very best business write-offs

Travel expense deductions

Food and entertainment deduction

Car depreciation deduction

Moving expenses deduction

Car mileage deduction

Consulting and professional services

Credit card interest deduction

Internet and phone expenses

Office expenses

Publications and subscriptions

Rent tax

Business startup costs

Car payment


Home improvements

Home internet bill

Tips to save even more

How to get a refund if you overpay your taxes?

How to take the Qualified Business Income Deduction

Paying taxes on rental income the smart way

What to know when you tackle your taxes

Find your adjusted gross income in 3 steps

Use this tax preparation checklist

1099 taxpayers and workers' compensation

What’s FlyFin?

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FlyFin’s Advantage


A.I. finds every tax deduction eliminating 95% of your work


Expert tax CPAs ensure 100% accurate tax filing


On average users save $3,700

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