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Can I deduct the cost of my workspace on my taxes?

What deductions can I claim for my LLC?

Can I deduct medical expenses?

When are taxes due for 2023?

Is a cell phone bill a "write-off" for therapists conducting sessions over the phone?

How to understand the percentage of deduction applicable for any tax deduction?


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The workings of AskFlyFin

  • AskFlyFin is trained on the entire US tax code and can answer any tax question with ease
  • Receive your answer within 10-20 seconds
  • Request expert CPAs to review your answer

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Ex: I'm a freelance designer, can I deduct design software from my taxes?

Can A.I. really be used for taxes?

Yes, and we're proof! FlyFin uses a specialized A.I. to find every possible tax deduction for freelancers.

How Does FlyFin Use A.I. listing five ways FlyFin utilizes A.I. in its services.

AskFlyFin is trained on all 7,000 pages of the IRS tax code. All you have to do is ask a question, and you’ll get a response almost instantly. The A.I. is constantly being trained by the CPAs, so the more questions you ask, the more it learns and becomes smarter.

How long will it take for A.I. to answer?

Speed is part of the beauty of A.I. Your answer will come back seconds after you tap "Submit" – even our CPAs aren't that fast!

Just make sure that your question is appropriate, or you won’t get a proper answer. You should also avoid sharing sensitive or personal information with the A.I. for your safety.

Will my answer be verified?

Yes! Our CPAs will review the answers at your request. FlyFin's CPA team are specialists in 1099 taxes and have over 250 years of combined experience working with the US tax code.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

AskFlyFin is a tool that knows the entire US tax code, so you can ask questions about what a deduction on Schedule C is to how to file an amended tax return. You can also ask about tax brackets for 2023, and get a full breakdown depending on your filing status.

If you have more detailed questions about certain business expenses like the home office deduction, or learning more about the 1099 form, AskFlyFin can help you with that too.

Use AskFlyFin To Answer These Questions listing eight questions taxpayers can get answered using AskFlyFin.

Can other people see my questions?

We’ll share all the questions from AskFlyFin as a way for taxpayers to learn more about navigating 1099 taxes,but we will never share your identity publicly.

Does my question have to be in English?

Part of FlyFin's mission is to make taxes easier for everyone so you can ask a question in whatever language you're most comfortable with. This way, taxpayers from any background can AskFlyFin to get information they need.

Will every question get published?

Yes, we will publish every question except for the ones that use inappropriate language or subject matter. The published questions are a great way for taxpayers to learn more about taxes and how to better use AskFlyFin to get the information they need.

What if I ask a question and AskFlyFin doesn’t give me an answer?

If you’re not getting an answer from AskFlyFin, it might mean you’re asking too many questions. In that case, just reach out to our awesome CPA team through the Ask a CPA page on the app and ask your question for free!

As a tax app built for self-employed individuals and small business owners, FlyFin houses an expert team of CPAs who fact-check everything, give advice and help people access the information they need instantly and accurately.

Can I use AskFlyFin to calculate my taxes?

Ask FlyFin can do many things, but it can’t give you an exact tax calculation because there are too many factors involved. Instead, you can use one of our many free tools and calculators to calculate your tax liability.

Our 1099 tax calculators is one of the most accurate calculators out there that can show you all the business expenses you can write off as a tax deduction. Want an overall picture of your owed SECA tax? Use our trusted self-employment tax calculator.

Think you might need to pay quarterly estimated taxes? Get an accurate estimate with our quarterly tax calculator. We even have a tax penalty to total your late or underpayment penalty fees from the IRS.

If you’re also paying federal income taxes, use our standard or itemized deduction to see which is the best option for you. There's also a crypto tax calculator to find out if you owe tax on your trading and a tax form recommender to help you find which forms to use when filing taxes.

FlyFin’s Tax Calculators listing all of FlyFin’s free tax calculators for self-employed individuals.

Can I use AskFlyFin to learn more about the FlyFin app?

The fastest way to get answers to questions related to the app and its tax-saving functionality is to email our tech support team at

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