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US Tax forms

US Tax forms

The Ultimate Guide to Tax Forms for Self-employed People and Freelancers

Tax forms. We've all seen them. At first glance, it looks like all you need to do is fill in the blanks, and you're done. But on closer inspection, they can start to look pretty complicated, like a mad scientist's to-do list or the manual to an interdimensional portal. But no matter how complicated they might be, we all have to file our taxes. They are, after all, the great equalizer: no matter who we are in America, we're all required to report to the IRS what we made each year. Or once every few months, in the case of freelancers. The IRS is the definitive resource on the tax forms that each type of worker needs to fill out, but because there is so much information available at, it can be difficult to make sense of it all. This directory is all about simplicity. All the forms you need are in one place – with each one explained in language that's easy to understand.

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Here, freelancers and self-employed people can find straight-to-the-point information they can actually use. This is how we talk about tax forms with our friends and family. With a one-stop tax form shop, there's no wasting time searching or reading through guides filled with jargon. This essential directory guides freelancers and self-employed people through the most common tax return forms that are relevant to their work. Of the hundreds of federal tax forms to be found on the IRS' website, thankfully you'll only need to worry about a handful, and they're all right here.

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The latest versions of IRS tax forms...Read more

Intro to IRS tax forms 2022...Read more

When can I start doing my taxes for 2022?...Read more

Where to find IRS tax forms 2022...Read more

What do I need to file my taxes?...Read more

What documents do I need to file taxes?...Read more

IRS tax forms 2022...Read more

The latest versions of IRS tax forms

There aren't a whole lot of changes from the 2021 tax forms, but here you'll find the most up-to-date versions. So, when it's time to ask, "What tax papers do I need to file for 2022," you can find answers below. Tax forms for self-employed people and freelancers fall under two categories: The 1040 form is the most common document in the US tax system. It's the master tax return that every American fills out. There are two types, one for filing annually and one for filing estimated taxes on a quarterly basis. 1099 forms are for reporting income you receive as a self-employed person or a freelancer, as well as income from things like an investment you have or an interest payment you received from your bank.
The latest versions of IRS tax forms


In addition to the 1040, self-employed individuals and freelancers are required to pay quarterly taxes, which they need to estimated (ES means estimated taxes). That's where this form comes in.

Schedule C

Running a business by yourself? This is the form where you report how much (knock on wood) profit you made or how much you (heaven forbid) lost over the course of the year.

Schedule SE

SE stands for self-employment tax, and this is where people who make a living working for themselves or freelancing pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.


This form reports the payments made to you as a freelancer or independent contractor by someone who hired you for your services.


Payments you received as a freelancer or independent contractor that are outside of the payments you received for your work are reported here. This could be prize money you received or money for healthcare you were given by someone who hired you to do work for them.


This gets sent to you if you received $600 or more in credit card payments for products or services you sold online during the tax year.

Form 8829

If you use your home for work, you can deduct things like utilities and supplies used for your home office or storage space used for inventory from your taxes. Use this form to figure out how much you can deduct.

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Intro to IRS tax forms 2022

What are tax returns for self-employed and freelancers?

Fair question, especially if you're new to freelancing, or you just started your own business. You might be completely switching gears when it comes to doing your taxes, and if so, you've come to the right place.
Intro to IRS tax forms 2022
You probably already know that a tax return is the complete set of forms every taxpayer has to file with the IRS on an annual basis. Tax forms for self-employed people and freelancers serve 3 functions:
  • They show the federal government how much income you earned, what your expenses were and any other information that could affect how much you pay in taxes
  • They also walk taxpayers through the math to calculate how much they owe in taxes
  • Tax forms are the way the money is handled. They allow people to schedule their tax payments or ask the IRS for a refund if they ended up overpaying on taxes

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When can I start doing my taxes for 2022?

When can I start doing my taxes for 2022?
To start getting your tax return ready, you'll need to wait until the end of December 2022. Until then, you won't have all the information you need about your income or all the business expenses you'll have through the end of the year. Then you can figure out how much you need to pay in taxes and how much you'll be able to write off. Once you have everything you need, you can file your taxes as early as the end of January (check the IRS website closer to the end of December, 2022). You can usually file earlier if you do it online than if you file by mail. But don't file any later than the April 15, 2023 deadline. If you can't make that, you can use Form 4868 to file for an extension, like some 15 million Americans did in 2022, according to the IRS.

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Where to find IRS tax forms 2022

There are several places where you can pick up free physical tax forms to fill out, but we recommend moving every part of your taxpaying life online if you haven't already. It just makes everything easier, from keeping track of your expenses and deductions to filing and paying your taxes to receiving refunds from the IRS.
Here's where you can get the tax forms that you'll need:
  • Tax forms from the IRS website are the most reliable, and you use the list above to download each one.
  • Call the IRS and have tax forms mailed to you
  • Check your local library or post office, or stop by your local IRS office (yes, they exist)
  • Try one of the tax software programs that provide tax forms as part of their packages

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What do I need to file my taxes?

31% of Gen Zers (about 25 or older), who make more than $50,000 a year said "how to do my taxes" is the thing they most need to learn. The 2022 survey by Investopedia said the number was even higher for people making under $50,000.
What do I need to file my taxes?
It's clear that tools like this Ultimate Guide are so important for empowering taxpayers. In addition, here a few tips for maximum efficiency once you get to the step of actually filling out the forms: Make sure you look at each form beforehand to gather the information you will need before filling it out. File on time so you don't have to pay late fees or interest on what you owe. Double-check all deductions. The IRS sometimes pays a lot of attention to this part of self-employed and freelancer taxes. File online. Filing digitally has a decades-old track record of reliability and data security. And refunds are much faster online.

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What documents do I need to file taxes?

If you're asking, "What do I need to file my taxes," here are some of the major things that just about everyone will need when they prepare their tax return.
  • Social security number or your tax ID number
  • Bank routing and account numbers to pay taxes and receive any refund
  • Information about any dependents, like birth dates and social security numbers
  • Info about your spouse like social security number and birth date
  • If you have W-2 income, you'll need that info
  • If you received unemployment, you'll need a 1099-G form
  • Information about your mortgage, if you have one
  • All the relevant 1099 forms that report the amounts of income you received that year, including social security and interest income
  • If you paid quarterly taxes, you'll need that information
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are now required to be reported
  • A record of all the expenses you had that year from your work or running your business

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IRS tax forms 2022

The information you'll find here goes in depth on 2022 tax forms, but it's always a good idea to reference tax forms directly at the source at the IRS Self-Employed Help Page.

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If the traditional April 15 due date for filing taxes falls on a Saturday, Sunday or government holiday, the deadline gets pushed to the following business day.

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