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The role of CPA and A.I. in filing my IRS Taxes

In the current situation, where we are always overloaded with information, focusing on things that matter could be challenging. Especially when it’s about reading through rolls of bank statements to figure out your taxes.

A.I. is helping taxpayers simplify this task of combing through your expenses and finding all the qualified deductions from your taxable income. Although A.I. does the task of finding all the deductions automatically, you still need human-help to ensure all the information is correct to the core.

This is where an accountant’s role becomes pivotal in verifying the accuracy of information collated by the A.I. A tax accountant is also known as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and is the human factor among the rolls of bank statements. They can help you cut through the noise and highlight the key deductions and discrepancies in your tax file, which allows you to file a correct tax return.

Who should consult a CPA?

Ask A CPA Conversing With CPA

If you make a living as a freelancer, self-employed individual or a gig worker, you have to pay your quarterly estimated taxes four times a year, and the IRS tax return once a year. Unlike W-2 employees, freelancers have to pay the IRS on their own.

As a freelancer, you can use a smart tax app like FlyFin that combines A.I.’s data segregation capabilities with the expertise of CPAs. The app helps you file your taxes with 100% accuracy.

Freelancer, self-employed individuals or 1099 contractors usually have to manually put all their expenses on sheets and categorize them as tax deductibles to lower their taxable income. This could be a lot to deal with, unless you’re a tax pro and are filing and have been paying your own taxes for a long time. When you consider the workload you have to deal with as a do-it-all self-employed person, tax filing will take out valuable time from your schedule.

Freelancers globally are using next-generation tech like A.I. to their advantage and are constantly streamlining everyday operations.

Why talk to a tax expert CPA?

Imagine using Google maps to reach an airport in a completely new city. Google maps will get you to the place, but it might not show you exactly which terminal gate you need and you might need to ask the information window for the right direction. A CPA is that person in the information window.

The only difference is you don’t need to travel to the airport to find the CPA, you can download an application like FlyFin. Like the information desk, the CPA will look at your tax information and point you in the right direction by validating your tax file or suggesting you to adjust your expenses and deductions.

The FlyFin CPA Team

The most common thing to do when looking for a CPA is to look at their forte. FlyFin has a dedicated team of experienced CPAs with over 100 years of combined experience. The team of CPAs offer prompt assistance with your tax filing and questions.

Our CPAs are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and are part of many prominent accountant’s groups both at a state and federal level. Some of our CPAs have also worked with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commisions), managing its internal and external financial accounting.

How can I talk to a CPA?

You can download the FlyFin A.I. mobile application from Play Store for Android devices and from the App Store for iOS devices. Once you have the application installed, you can click on the CPA button which leads to the Ask a CPA button and put your query in the chat box.

Ask A CPA Ask A CPA Now!

The FlyFin CPA team will get back to you within 24 hours of you asking the question. If your question is not answered when the CPA gets back to you, you can also request a one-to-one call to discuss the issue.

How to find my estimated quarterly taxes?

Ask A CPA Flyfin Tax Calculator

Once you have downloaded the FlyFin application, you can securely connect your bank statements to the A.I., which will find your estimated taxes within minutes. If you wish to just get a rough idea of your estimated taxes, you can also use the following tax calculators:

Visit FlyFin A.I. and use our tax calculators that are fine tuned to bring out the best estimate for you.

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